Suha’s Pursuit to Save Lives

Giving By Robyn Burns Mar 4, 2024

Suha is a Western Union Foundation fellow and CEO of PinkDetect, a startup that uses the power and scale of technology and Artificial Intelligence to aid in the early detection of breast cancer and empower underserved women to manage their breast health holistically.

Through the Western Union Foundation Fellowship, Suha received business training to scale her community venture’s impact. She leveraged the Fellowship’s resources to host a basecamp providing education and clinical breast exams for over 100 women in Karachi, Pakistan.

“The provision of complimentary clinical breast exams conducted by our onsite healthcare professionals created a nurturing space that encouraged open dialogue among women and shattered the stigma around the topic,” Suha shared.

At the outset of her basecamp, Suha acknowledged the initial hesitancy of many attendees to compromise their modesty. However, as Suha’s team emphasized the critical importance of wellness exams, reservations dissipated, and all 125 attendees participated in the screening. Notably, four women discovered lumps during the exams and were promptly provided coverage for mammograms and medical treatments.

“Our success in Karachi is a shining example of our future endeavors. Addressing four cases of potential breast cancer highlights the urgency and importance of our mission,” shared Suha.

Suha is ramping up her efforts with an ambitious goal to reach 100,000 women by December 2025, contributing significantly to women’s health and well-being across the region. “A heartfelt thank you to the Western Union Foundation… It is because of your support that we’re not just battling breast cancer, we’re changing the narrative of women’s health in Pakistan.”

The Western Union Foundation Fellowship was launched in 2021 in partnership with Watson Institute and has supported 120 fellows and reached more than 6,000 basecamp participants to date. Suha was joined by 46 other emerging leaders, changemakers, and social entrepreneurs in the 2023-2024 fellowship class.


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