New to Australia? Try Caravanning as Your Next Family Vacation

Australia By Elizabeth Rozas Apr 25, 2023

G’day! Are you new to Australia? Then you think about taking a caravanning trip as your next family vacation. Caravanning is one of the most popular and affordable family vacations you can take in Australia. It’s extremely popular in the country; in fact, there were over 770,000 caravan registrations in 2021. This mode of travel allows you to see all of Australia’s beautiful, scenic wildlife without going over budget.

If you’re new to the land down under, caravanning is a great way to catch all of Australia’s natural beauty. Gorgeous beaches, exotic wildlife, and other amazing wonders are just a car stop away. If you want an unforgettable family vacation, check out these tips and tricks for your first caravan vacation in Australia.

How to prepare for your first caravan trip 

Choose your caravan

As you prepare for your first caravan trip in Australia, you must choose a caravan! It’s important to do your research, speak with experts, and decide whether you want to rent a caravan or purchase one.

Since caravanning is so popular in Australia, there are many caravan and camping expos in the country. If you attend a caravan expo, you can get some advice from fellow caravanners and learn about the different features of caravans.

When choosing a caravan, you’ll want to consider size, weight, and how to maneuver and tow the caravan. You may also realize you need specific features, like a toilet or a shower, appliances, Wi-Fi, and other internal products that may be non-negotiables for your family.

Pack wisely 

Packing wisely is one of the most important things to do before caravanning around Australia. Every extra pound slows you down, so you must be very strategic about what your family needs. You do not want to overload your caravan and then run into trouble down the road.

You’ll unlikely need any fancy outfits or suits, but you may need that extra pair of walking shoes. Discuss with your family members what they plan to bring during the trip, so you don’t accidentally overpack.

Safety first 

Before you leave on your epic family caravanning trip, be sure you’ve taken safety into account.  There are a few ways to ensure safety is a priority, like taking a caravan towing course. A towing course can help you familiarize yourself with the extra tow weight and learn how to drive off-road.

Also, if you plan to stay in caravan parks, many parks will allow you to connect to electricity to charge your batteries, use a washing machine, and fill up your water. Additional perks include pools and play parks for kids!

Also, be sure you have ways to contact family and friends in poor service areas, like through a satellite phone or Wi-Fi modem. A 4G/5G portable Wi-Fi modem keeps you connected in areas where service is spotty. It’ll also come in handy when your kids would rather watch a movie at night than stargaze.

And if your trip takes place when you normally would send money to family overseas, don’t worry—you can send money while on the road from our money transfer app.

Set a budget for your trip 

Setting a budget for your caravan trip will help you keep track of your expenses and ensure you’re not overspending. Before you leave on your trip, estimate your costs like fuel, campsites, and eating out. Cooking and preparing snacks ahead of time will save you a lot of money rather than eating out for every meal.

Avoid traveling in Australia during peak times to save some extra money while caravanning. Even though it’s popular to caravan during holiday breaks, traveling during the “off seasons” means campsites and other amenities are a lot cheaper. You’ll also avoid traffic too! Australia has many beautiful parks that are free and open to the public year round.

Choose your Australian itinerary 

Here comes the best part–choosing where you plan to go! 

The best caravanners plan and map out their destinations ahead of time. This way, you’re guaranteed to see some incredible parks in Australia. In fact, check out our list of five of the best caravanning spots in Australia to help you get started.

Many caravanners use different resources to plan their travel itinerary and choose different campsites. Camps Australia Wide has a website and a series of books that offer detailed information about different campgrounds and caravan parks across Australia. WikiCamps is another valuable resource.

If you’re hoping to travel with the seasons, then travel up north in the winter in Queensland and then head down south for the summer like on the Great Ocean Road. The North of Australia has a more tropical climate, and the South of Australia is quite cooler with milder summers.

If you’re looking for family-friendly camping spots around Australia, this comprehensive list will help you out.

Above all else, remember to have fun! Caravanning is a unique experience in Australia, and all newcomers should try it at least once. Enjoy this family bonding experience, and you’ll get to see all the beauty that Australia has to offer.