Fun ways to celebrate Diwali in Australia

Australia By Elizabeth Rozas Oct 31, 2023

Diwali is just around the corner, bringing a kaleidoscope of colours, delicious food, and the magic of fireworks and lights wherever you’re celebrating.

If you’re down under this Diwali, there are plenty of events taking place. Here are some of the best ways to celebrate Diwali in Australia, and how to enjoy the festivities with family across the world.

When is Diwali 2023?

This year, the five days of festivities will begin on 10 November with Diwali, or Deepavali, falling on 12 November.

Celebrating Diwali in Australia

More than 700,000 people in Australia¹ have Indian ancestry and immigration rates continue to rise. More people than ever are moving from India to Australia, and Victoria is home to the largest Indian diaspora in the nation.

Over half a million people in Australia are expected to take part in the Diwali celebrations this year. Here are some of the best Diwali festivities taking place across Australia.


  • Join in the fun at the city’s main event, the Victorian Festival of Diwali. Federation Square will come alive with Diwali festivities on Saturday, 4 November.
  • Celebrate on the water in Darling Harbour with a Bollywood Cruise Party on Saturday, 11 November.
  • The Diwali Family Ball in Brunswick East promises an evening packed with Diwali magic on Friday, 10 November.


  • Head to Blacktown Showground in west Sydney for Diwali Mela festival on Sunday, 8 November for fireworks, food, and fun activities for all the family.
  • Enjoy a magical day at the Riverstone Deepavali Festival on Saturday, 5 November 10am-9pm. Hosted by the Hindu Council of Australia, the festival features a light show, fireworks, a dancing competition, and an abundance of traditional food. While you’re exploring, don’t forget to stop at the Western Union stall and say hi!


  • Join in the celebrations at Rocklea Showground for Brisbane’s Diwali Festival on Saturday, 4 November.
  • Aussie World is hosting its third Festival of Lights on Saturday, 21 October, organised by the Sunshine Coast Indian Association.


  • Don’t miss the biggest Diwali celebration in Adelaide, the Deepavali Festival on Tuesday, 7 November. Adelaide Showground plays host to dancing competitions, stage performances, and a mighty fireworks display. Visit the Western Union stall to grab some goodies!

Don’t forget to connect with your local community. You might find more exciting Diwali festivities planned at your local temples and in your neighbourhood. You can even organise your own celebration!

Celebrate Diwali with family – wherever they are

Diwali is a wonderful occasion for friends and family to come together.

There’s nothing like celebrating with those you love most, but holidays can make you miss far-away family members more than usual. Here are some ideas to help you stay connected to your loved ones, no matter how far apart you are.

Give Diwali gifts that transcend borders

You might exchange traditional Diwali gifts with loved ones during the celebratory season, like Ganesh and Lakshmi coins, jewellery, dried fruits, and idols.

If you’re sending gifts this Diwali, it’s understandable to worry about precious items being lost in the mail, or your gifts being too large to send, especially when sending overseas.

Sending money to India or anywhere else globally is a fast and secure way to help make your loved ones’ celebrations extra special. If you know someone who particularly honours Lakshmi at this time of year, a gift of wealth may feel especially appropriate.

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Top 3 Diwali activities to connect with your global family

1. Get cooking

Set up a video group chat and cook your favourite Diwali dishes together, like laddu, jalebi, and gulab jamun. Need both hands? Place your phone on a tripod or someplace secure that shows you and your cooking station. If your family is competitive, give out prizes for the fastest cook, the best presentation and the best cooking hacks.

Want to know how to cook these delicious Indian dishes? Why not sign up for an online cooking class together?

2. Light diyas together

Video call your loved ones as you light your diyas together this year. You can also stay connected virtually as you get creative by making your own diya decorations – perfect for getting little ones involved in the Diwali celebrations.

3. A rangoli and cleaning contest

If you’re cleaning your home to encourage Lakshmi to enter this Diwali, why not make it a family competition? If your family has children who need an extra nudge to tidy up, this is the perfect way to encourage them. You can share your spotless home with family around the world via video chat or take before and after photos to showcase your cleaning skills. May the cleanest home win!

You can also compete to create the best rangoli to welcome Lakshmi into your home. Get creative with colours and designs to decorate your doorstep for the celebrations.

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¹As of 2021