Another easy way to send money from Germany to Thailand

Go Global By Ruta Kuleseviciute Jan 28, 2021

With Western Union, you can transfer money online from Germany to bank accounts in Thailand fast and easily. Send money directly to a bank account or try out our money transfer option to a VISA card.

Another convenient way to send money, an online money transfer to a VISA card, will require few information fields to fill in. This way, senders will save time while initiating money transfer to their loved ones’ bank accounts in Thailand.


How to send money online to a VISA card?

Sending money online is easy. Find out how by following the steps below and complete your money transfer to your receiver’s VISA card right now!


1. Visit or download our money transfer app.

Easy and repeat money transfers are available on and the Western Union® app. Do not forget to register your profile and log in.

2. Choose your receiver’s country and the amount to send.

Pick Thailand as your receiver’s country and choose the amount you wish to transfer to your receiver.

3. Choose the payout method.

You can transfer money either directly to a bank account or for cash pick-up at more than 5,500 agent locations1 in Thailand. To send money to a VISA card, choose ‘VISA’.

4. Select your payment method.

Select “Credit/Debit card”, “Bank transfer” or “Klarna” to transfer to a bank account or to a VISA card.

5. Choose your receiver.

Select an existing receiver or enter the details of a new recipient. If you wish to send money to a VISA card, make sure to enter the receiver’s card details, too. After filling in the required information, the online card validator will check if the number of a VISA card is provided correctly.

6. Confirm and pay.

Confirm your bank account and complete your money transfer (e.g. with Klarna banking) or pay with your credit card2 (issued by a German bank). If you send money to a bank account or to a VISA card, you can also pay for your transfer with your bank account via online banking.

7. Track your transfer

Your money transfer is complete. We will send you a confirmation e-mail with a tracking number (MTCN). Remember to provide this number to your receiver. This way, you can both easily track your money transfer.

For additional information about money transfers to a VISA card, you can read more here.


Do not forget, you can also transfer money online directly to a bank account or for cash pick-up in Thailand. Check with your receiver, pick the most convenient payment and payout option, and enjoy fast and reliable money transfers with Western Union today.

1Agent location count valid as of 30 September 2020.

2If you are using a credit card, a card-issuer cash advance fee and associated interest charges may apply. To avoid these fees or for reduced fees, use a debit card or check other payment methods.