Accelerating Digital Money Movement for Postal Networks

Regional News By Karen Santos June 10, 2021

We are expanding our digital platform to provide enhanced services for global customers by enabling national postal networks around the world to offer international digital money transfer services.

Over decades, Western Union has built strategic collaborations with postal entities in 79 countries. These relationships have enabled us to work together and develop innovative ways to digitize the experience for joint customers.

We have now expanded our 17-year relationship with Australia’s postal organization, Australia Post, through the launch of Western Union digital money transfers, enabling customers to send money worldwide, 24/7, via

Australia Post has become the fifth national postal organization globally to leverage Western Union digital money transfer capabilities, innovating to meet existing and new customers’ needs for global money transfers.

Four other national postal institutions already offer Western Union’s digital money transfer services, including France’s La Banque Postal, Italy’s Postepay, Russia’s Russian Post Bank, and the United Kingdom’s Post Office Ltd.

Our partnership with national postal organizations globally enables millions of customers to conveniently send money worldwide. Customers may choose for their funds to be paid out into billions of bank accounts and millions of mobile wallets in approximately 120 countries, or more than half a million Agent locations in more than 200 countries and territories. This integration of Western Union’s capabilities, including global settlement capabilities, financial network, compliance, and technology systems, has provided access to millions of postal network customers to send cross-border money transfers quickly, conveniently and reliably.

With expansion of our relationship with Australia Post we are continuing our recent momentum powering retail players to succeed in the digital space and unlock new growth opportunities so that, together, we can serve as an economic force for our global customers.

Western Union has a distinct vantage point on the diverse money movement needs of our global customers across different continents and economic, financial, and technological ecosystems. Our global platform transcends these complexities, making it possible to send funds easily and quickly across borders and currencies with a few clicks.

Our strategy to open our platform and worldwide financial network to serve third-party companies has established us as a unique partner for global money movement, enabling organizations in telecom, tech, financial services, and other sectors to enrich services for their customers.