How to Use a Digital Wallet to Make International Money Transfers

United States By Christy Lowry Nov 14, 2023

Do you need to send money internationally? If the answer is “yes,” you may find that using a digital wallet for your international money transfers is your best bet. Learn more about digital wallets and how you can use them to make an international mobile money transfer.

What is a digital wallet?

A digital wallet, also known as a mobile wallet, is a smartphone app that stores your debit or credit card information so you can make payments or send money to loved ones. When you use a digital wallet, you’ll need to upload your exact credit card information, like the expiration date and your CVV number. With your credit card information on your phone, you can carry fewer credit cards around in your physical wallet. Digital wallets can also help make payments faster and easier since digital apps allow you to make contactless payments. They’re also convenient since they allow you to send payments from wherever you are, whether you’re at work or at the gym. Learn more about the advantages of digital wallets.

How do digital wallets work?

When you send money to another person’s digital wallet, the money is sent electronically. The money will go directly into your recipient’s mobile wallet—it isn’t sent as physical cash. They can transfer the money directly to their bank account or keep the money in their digital wallet to purchase things in stores.

How can you use a digital wallet to make international money transfers?

If you want to use a digital wallet to make international mobile money transfers, you’ll want to find the right digital wallet app first. The Western Union app lets you easily view exchange rates, making it even easier to understand how much money you’re sending internationally.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and created a Western Union account, follow these steps to make an international mobile money transfer:

  1. Type in the amount you want to send. Select the country where the recipient is based. Note that not all countries accept mobile wallet transfers. If mobile wallet transfer isn’t available, you can send money to their bank account or choose a cash pickup location instead.
  2. Type in the recipient’s phone number and mobile wallet service provider. If they also have the Western Union digital wallet, just type in Western Union. Make sure the name that you provide matches their ID.
  3. Once you send the money, you’ll receive a text message and tracking number (MTCN) so you can track the money. You’ll receive a confirmation when the money is successfully transferred to their mobile wallet.

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What countries accept international digital wallet transfers?

There are dozens of countries that accept international digital wallet transfers, including:

  • Bangladesh
  • China
  • El Salvador
  • Fiji
  • Ghana
  • Indonesia
  • Kenya
  • Philippines

You can view all of the countries that accept digital money transfers in the Western Union app.

Are digital wallets safe?

Before choosing a digital wallet, it’s important to research its security features. Western Union’s digital wallet encrypts your money transfers, ensuring that your information is safe and that your money reaches your loved one’s international digital wallet quickly. Western Union’s digital wallet app is also PCI DSS compliant, meaning your data and payments will stay safe.

Sending money internationally? Western Union can help

Western Union makes it easy to send money all over the world. No matter if you’re using your smartphone or want to complete money transfers using other methods, Western Union has an option for you. Use the mobile app, send money online, or visit an agent location to send money in person.