Why Do Filipinos Move to Canada?

Canada By Serra Pinto Avimlah November 7, 2023

Canada is one of the most popular destinations among Filipinos looking for opportunities for work, education, and to raise a family. When Filipinos move to Canada, they find that it offers a wealth of opportunities, political and economic stability, and the chance to join a thriving community of fellow newcomers for a welcome taste of home.

Whether you’re headed to Canada from the Philippines yourself, or you’re looking to send money back home, it’s helpful to understand why Canada is an appealing option for those looking to relocate.

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Why move to Canada from the Philippines?

Relocating is never an easy decision to make, but there are numerous reasons for Filipinos to consider Canada when seeking overseas locations to settle down and begin new lives. Some of these reasons are:

Economic Opportunities

When compared to the Philippines, Canada offers higher wages and a stronger job market. Many Filipinos seek economic prospects in Canada to provide a better financial future for their families, while still sending money home to their relatives, since the Canadian dollar (CAD) compares favorably to the Philippine peso (PHP).

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Educational opportunities

Canada is known for its high-quality education system from elementary school to world-class universities throughout different cities. Filipinos can apply for a student visa in Canada, and there are study permits issued by the Canadian government that allow foreign nationals to attend classes at these institutions.


Canada has a publicly funded healthcare system, where all Canadian citizens and permanent residents receive necessary medical services free at the point of use. This is different than countries where an insurance-supported healthcare system can be comparatively more costly and difficult to navigate.

A sense of community

Canada has a significant Filipino diaspora, particularly in major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg. The presence of thriving Little Manila communities is a significant factor for those considering relocating to Canada, as it provides a support network and a sense of belonging. For example, Filipinos are the fourth-largest visible ethnic group in Toronto, with over 250,000 living in Toronto and its suburbs—the largest Filipino contingency in Canada.

Permanent residency opportunities

A permanent resident in Canada holds many of the same rights and responsibilities as a natural-born Canadian citizen, including the right to live, work, and study in anywhere in the country. To qualify for permanent resident status, you must have lived in Canada for three years, and then, you can also sponsor relatives and immediate family to join you afterward.

Proximity to America

With such close proximity to the United States, a new world of opportunities opens up for Filipinos regarding cultural exchange, economic opportunities, and tourism. Vancouver is only a short distance away from Seattle, Washington, for example, and there are trains and short flights from Montreal and Toronto to New York City.

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