Brilliant British Columbia – Why B.C. Should be Your New Work Destination

Canada By Janaina Da Costa November 10, 2022

From incredible natural beauty to a trusted and affordable healthcare system, there are plenty of good reasons to consider a move to British Columbia (B.C.).

Highly competitive wages and benefits across a range of industries, plus a vibrant and diverse population, also mean B.C. may be particularly attractive to workers.

British Columbia – Where Rich Heritage Meets Diverse Culture

B.C. is Canada’s most ethnically diverse province, with almost 30% of its people having immigrated from elsewhere. This diversity is valued and protected – in British Columbia, it’s a legal obligation to respect the culture, lifestyle, and beliefs of others.

The province is also home to 200,000 indigenous people, including Inuit, First Nations, and Métis. Indigenous persons have been living in B.C. for over 10,000 years, giving it a rich human history and forming an essential element of its melting pot of cultures.

What Are the Benefits of Living in British Columbia?

A Thriving Job Market

British Columbia offers a great range of opportunities in various industries, including forestry, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, tourism, construction, and agriculture.

You can find plenty of information on the local labor market, the jobs most in demand, and careers projected to have high opportunities on the Work B.C. website.

Competitive Wages and Benefits

British Columbia’s high standard of living includes competitive wages, which are often supported by attractive benefits. Many employers in B.C. offer extended benefit schemes, including full medical coverage and dental plans.

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Excellent Standards of Living

It would be a shame if life were all work and no play, and luckily B.C. has plenty to offer besides its many job opportunities and benefits.

Canada is considered one of the best places in the world to live. Thanks to a strong economy, low crime rates, excellent air quality, and much more, it’s consistently highly ranked within the United Nations’ Human Development Index.

British Columbia gives you some of the best of what Canada offers – friendly people, beautiful nature, a stable economy, and heaps some extra benefits on top.

A Comfortable Climate

If the thought of a freezing winter is what stands between you and a move to Canada, then B.C. might win you over. It has a surprisingly mild climate. Even in the dead of winter, heavy snowfalls are rare, and vivid cherry blossoms make spring in B.C. special. Of course, if you want to see some snow, white peaked mountains and superb ski slopes are right on hand!

Healthcare You Can Rely on

B.C. is home to several cutting-edge research centers and modern hospitals, and its publicly funded healthcare system covers a great range of medical and healthcare expenses. These  include emergency visits, many surgeries, x-rays, and diagnostic services.

To benefit, you’ll need to join the British Columbia Medical Services Plan. Once enrolled, you and your family can access to reliable, affordable healthcare. You can find out more about your eligibility for this health plan and other documents and services you might need when you’re new to British Columbia on the WelcomeBC website.

Glorious Food

British Columbia is a great destination for foodies. Vancouver is a real food-lover’s city with food from many cultures, and the Pacific Ocean brings delicious seafood, which can be found throughout the province.

If you’re trying to live more sustainably, you’ll be pleased to discover that shopping locally is no hardship in B.C. – its variable climate means all kinds of produce can be grown, including exceptional stone fruit like peaches, apricots and the classic Bing cherry.

A Big Beautiful World to Explore

Whether you love the ocean, mountains, or lush forests, you’ll feel spoiled by the natural riches of B.C. Vancouver alone offers multiple beautiful beaches on the Pacific Ocean coastline, while in the distance rise great snow-capped mountains.

Animal lovers especially are in for a treat, as British Columbia is the home of bears, soaring bald eagles, sea otters, and majestic whales –be sure to view them from a safe distance!

With abundant career opportunities, a great climate, a superb standard of living – and a choice of big city living or getting back to nature – it’s not hard to see why so many people choose to make British Columbia their home.